What do you do when…..the update 6 weeks-ish later

Well, it’s been what 6 weeks-ish since my allergy results came back. So lets say 6 weeks since I went paleo? I decided about mid April, after reading ‘It starts with food’ by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, that I was going to do a full Whole 30 challenge for the month of May. I figured start May 1st, end May 30th, the day before my Dh’s bday, so we could have a good night out. So now, what does this Whole30 entail? Well….
This is what I can’t eat (along with my allergies)
– grains…any grains. No rice, corn, quinoa, wheat ect
– legumes…Peanuts, peas, baked beans ect
– Dairy…any kind of dairy
– sugar…ya, none
– alcohol….tough but do able

What can I eat?
– Meat….beef, chicken, bison, pork, deer, moose
– fish…tuna, salmon, whatever
– nuts…I personally can’t eat pecans, but all the rest are fair game!
– veggies….any and all veggies….so many varieties
– fruit…some, not much as my tummy has never been great with fruit
– eggs
– Ghee
– podded legumes…green beans, snap peas ect

I’m learning to love food without the added extras. I am learning to enjoy homemade ketchup, mayo, salad dressings and sugar free spag sauce. Brae’s tummy issues are getting way better and Bryce is loving more raw veggies.

I am officially down 15lbs…without changing my regular workouts. Of course with spring actually being here, we are outside and more active, but really not 15lbs of active!! My energy is great! I’m not beat tired until bed time and my insomnia is way way better!!

Would you say I’m now an official Paleo eater? I guess. I would never define myself as a paleo eater. I do see now, when I eat something I can’t (due to my allergies), I do feel how it affects me almost immediately. I will almost always eat this way, but will not feel guilty for eating it, although I may feel physically gross!

So, you think your have monstrous children do you…..

As anyone who knows me could attest, I am on Facebook most of the day, almost everyday.  I have friends all over the world.  All kinds of friends….real life friends (IRL); old and new, as well as Internet friends that I have met through various online groups, twitter or other social media.  Some of these friends have children, others do not. Through the glorious ways of facebook, we often see what our friends comment on, like, or share. The one thing I see regularly is the complaints parents make of their children. These complaints are not always my friends.

I understand that we ALL complain when we are tired, frustrated, tapped out, if there is a medical diagnosis we are upset about and other valid reasons. Day 4 of teething with no sleep for mom or baby can be enough to push anyone over the edge. These are not the situations I’m talking about.

The ones that are causing me grief are those parents that complain on a daily basis that their children are “crazy” “horrendous” “monstrous” or just plain have “behaviour issues” but have no medical backing on the “diagnosis” and are not willing to take matters into their own hands.

There are many many things that a parent or parents can do to help these situations.

1) Look at yours and your child’s diet.
a) Is there a lot of fast food?
b) Processed foods?
C) Artificial colours, flavours or dyes?

2) Look at your child’s sleep.
a) are they getting enough?
b) is it quality sleep?

3) Look at your child’s activity.
a) is it outdoors, indoors?
b) are they stimulated throughout the day? How?

Before we start chasing child behaviourists and drugs for our children, lets look at what we as parents can do for them.

Here are some links of great resources.




Toddler eating

Have you ever wondered how well your toddler eats?  Are they eating enough?  Are they getting the right stuff?

In this day and age, more and more are resorting to fast foods as everyone is busy.  Busy with work, busy with life, driving here and driving there.  But most moms worry about if their kids are eating a) healthy enough, and b) enough food

Here is a link to health Canada website for 2-4 year old serving size/amount guidelines.  Remember, these are only guidelines, if your child is eating more fruits and veggies, great!    And they may not eat perfectly everyday, but if they average out at the end of the week, that is great too!

Tomorrow we look at 4-8 year old boys and girls!

Small Children eating

I gave a link yesterday on toddler eating guidelines…now what about the older toddlers, preschool-middle school aged kids….what the heck should they eat??

Here is the recommended amounts for that pesky 4-8 year old range!  Its not much different, just a bit more!

The one thing we see is that serving sizes are the same, but the amounts of servings change from age group to age group.  We want to keep in mind though, that your child may not want to sit and eat a full 75g serving of meat or meat alternatives in 1 sitting.  That is fine, as long as at the end of the week, they average that 75g serving daily!

….and now for kids!

But what about children?  And what age do children start needing more?

Here is what CSEP recommends as a minimum for 5-11 yr olds.  60min per day!  Do your children get 60 minutes per day?  Does this mean they have to get gym memberships and go everyday?  NOPE, but they should be at playgrounds, running in fields, riding bikes, rollerblading.

It can get very tough for parents when we live in areas like northern Alberta where the winters can be brutally cold!  Thank goodness we haven’t experienced winter here yet, but I’m sure it will come 🙁

Winter activities that can be done without costing much is swimming at a local  city rec center or YMCA, skating at public arenas or community centers, sledding, skiing, and walking.

Participating in family activities helps children to build a love for activity from a young age as well as understand healthy activity is good for everyone all year-long, all the time and not just when someone needs to lose weight.

What is really recommended?? pt1

I am frequently asked how much activity is needed for both adults and children.

Here is the info put out my the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Which breaks it down to a minimum approximately 21 minutes per day 7 days per week.  That’s not hard right?  Many people find it hard to actually find 20 minutes in a day….especially moms!  But it can be broken down into 10 min segments…which many moms find very helpful, and will then do more than 2 -10 minute segments in a day.

All my classes are 60 minutes long, with healthy cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility components.  2 classes per week will give you 120 min towards your minimum goal of 150 minutes!  Bringing your older children along will also give them a start on their minimum activity, and the little ones give you the added resistance, and see from a young age that fitness and activity are important to your family!


New Year, New Changes, New You!!

We are less than 12 hours to another New Year!  Most everyone makes New Years Resolutions….But does anyone ever keep them?  Does anyone realize that every day is a new day, every minute a new minute, every second a new second?  Especially a new second to make change?

If you are of the many many who wait till Monday or wait till the New Year to make big changes, guess what?  The New Year is Tomorrow, and Monday is the day after that!!

What are you changing in the New Year?  Are you making Health and Wellness a priority? I hope so!  Are you wanting to make it a priority for your whole family?  I hope so!  Are you going to call a professional to help you? or are you going to do like most everyone and “do it myself! I KNOW what to do, I just have to do it!”

If you are doing it alone, good for you!  Stick with it and make sure to check back here regularly (as my resolution is to post more regularly) and get free tips and tricks and hopefully some motivation to keep going!  And if you want/need the help of a professional…please don’t hesitate to call!  I have a vast colleague base that can help, whether you want to train for your first half marathon, compete in a body building competition or figure out how to fit in fitness with your kids in Calgary, I can help you out!

Have a happy and safe New Years Eve and I hope to hear from you all on Tuesday!  Edmonton classes resume on Tuesday!  Check the Class Schedule and Places for the latest schedule!

My Life

Sorry guys,

I haven’t been ignoring you…it has just been a very hard, busy last few months, so somedays it is really hard to get in front of my laptop and pound out a new post!

It all started in September, when our house in Peace River FINALLY sold.  I had to go up twice that month, and put all of our stuff in storage since we didn’t have a house yet in Edmonton.  Then we started looking at houses in Edmonton, but decided to purchase my husbands parents home in the west end.  I had to help get them moved out, plus October is a busy month for trade shows.  Then at the end of October I had to make the hard, sad decision of putting our family pet to sleep.  She was a 6 yr old English Mastiff who had a chemical imbalance in her brain.

November has not been fun either!  I was pretty busy with work, we started our renos in the house, and christmas is coming!!  Add to that a week of flu that went through both kids and myself, a hubby that has had to go to meetings out-of-town every week and I’m one tired mama!

So please bear with me…The winter session is looking AWESOME!!!  Registrations will open next week with the South, West and Devon locations!!  The Spruce/Stony registrations will open as soon as we have a location!  There may also be talk of a St.Albert location coming later in the winter too…shhhhh!!

have a great night!

MB xoxox

What do I eat?


There, it’s out!

That’s how I feel about all the information out there about nutrition! So many clients ask me…”What are we supposed to eat and how much?  How am I supposed to read a label when every serving size is different?  How come fruit loops look like they are better for you than oatmeal?”

Reading labels can be sooooo tough!  Especially for those that are reading what the “company” wants you to see.

Who wants an info session to see what is really going on in the nutrition world?  An NO there will not be a “sale’s pitch” for any product!!!

How do I fit fitness in with my kids?

I hear this question All.The.Time!

Although my classes are called FITMOM and Baby, there are many moms in the class that do not have a baby anymore!  What do we do then?  What about those who have a “baby” but also have toddlers, or even homeschooled older children?  No one really wants to just bring baby and leave the others with a sitter!

We have FITMOM and Children classes!!

If you are a mom of more than 1, more than 2 or 5, may not phase you!  So come out and have fun with us!  It shows all our family members that fitness is fun!

FITMOM and Children!