So, you think your have monstrous children do you…..

As anyone who knows me could attest, I am on Facebook most of the day, almost everyday.  I have friends all over the world.  All kinds of friends….real life friends (IRL); old and new, as well as Internet friends that I have met through various online groups, twitter or other social media.  Some of these friends have children, others do not. Through the glorious ways of facebook, we often see what our friends comment on, like, or share. The one thing I see regularly is the complaints parents make of their children. These complaints are not always my friends.

I understand that we ALL complain when we are tired, frustrated, tapped out, if there is a medical diagnosis we are upset about and other valid reasons. Day 4 of teething with no sleep for mom or baby can be enough to push anyone over the edge. These are not the situations I’m talking about.

The ones that are causing me grief are those parents that complain on a daily basis that their children are “crazy” “horrendous” “monstrous” or just plain have “behaviour issues” but have no medical backing on the “diagnosis” and are not willing to take matters into their own hands.

There are many many things that a parent or parents can do to help these situations.

1) Look at yours and your child’s diet.
a) Is there a lot of fast food?
b) Processed foods?
C) Artificial colours, flavours or dyes?

2) Look at your child’s sleep.
a) are they getting enough?
b) is it quality sleep?

3) Look at your child’s activity.
a) is it outdoors, indoors?
b) are they stimulated throughout the day? How?

Before we start chasing child behaviourists and drugs for our children, lets look at what we as parents can do for them.

Here are some links of great resources.

Ready, shoot, GOAL!!!

But how do we get there?

Many of us know what we what to have as our ultimate goal, and we have an idea how to get there, but do we really?

Lets look at Molly (*name has been changed).  Molly is 30 years old, has 3 kids, is a stay at home mom and wants to lose another 30lbs.  Through diet and some activity she has already lost 20, but really wants to lose more.

So she has her ultimate goal….lose 50 lbs, 20 of which has been met.  Now the diet and some activity is just not enough to continue on that same road.  Why? Because the body adapts!  What was once “Activity”, is now part of daily living.  It has become part of the maintenance mode.  Her body needs to be shocked again.  So what does she need to do?

Here is my road map:

1 – Re-Evaluate the diet.

a) Once you lose fat and gain muscle density, your Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR) changes.  She may need more or fewer calories.

b) She may need to re-evaluate the fat sources in her diet.  Many times we decrease fat including the good fats, and our body does need good fats to function!

c)  The self sabotage on the calorie counting apps.  If you have a caloric intake required of 1400calories and you eat all 1400 in 1 meal…YOU WILL NOT LOOSE WEIGHT!!  Yes, you are staying within your required intake, but you MUST spread those out throughout the day!  These apps are great, if you use them properly!

2- Re-Evaluate the Activity

a) what once was “Extra”activity, is now considered daily living.  It is no longer Extra…that means more again!!

b) DO NOT trust the cardio machines at the fitness centers for accurate calorie burning.  Do trust your gut, are you working hard?  Are you being active for at least 30 minutes extra in a day that is not part of your regular routine?  Are you working at at least an 8 for most of that 30 min?

3 – Make small changes weekly.  You know where you want to be in 6 months, down 30 more pounds

a)  (Thursday) Start TODAY changing your eating

b)  (Friday) Start TOMORROW drinking more water

c) (Saturday)  Start the next day adding 5 extra minutes of activity (add another 5 every day)  You don’t need to jump onto the treadmill for 30 minutes tomorrow….work up to is though a week.

d) (Sunday) DO NOT weigh yourself this week!  Pick a day to be your weigh in day.  As women, we tend to want changes NOW and we want to see those changes.  Guess what…those changes come from How we feel and How our clothes fit!  Our weight fluctuates daily due to our lovely hormones.  Don’t fret it so much.  Are you feeling better? Are you clothes fitting better?  THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!!

Pick small goals.  1 – Drink more water, by weeks end, work up to drinking 2 liters of water a day.  2 – Do Not weigh yourself until you have been active and eating right for 2 weeks.  3- Reward yourself!!  Get through those 2 weeks of goals and give yourself a reward. Don’t over eat, but maybe buy a new wallet!  Something that when you see it, you remember, you accomplished that goal!  Then set your goal for the next 2 weeks!

Break down your large goal into small steps that are not number/scale based.  Weight loss is a great side effect of healthy living!

Watch for new posts…I’m adding a new goal for myself!!



Infant activity recommendations

Did you know there is now officially a recommendation for infant/baby activity?!?

I was sooooo excited to see not only what is recommended, but how it is recommended for children between the ages of 0 and 4!

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) has published these guidelines!

In a nutshell:

– Move more, sit less…for moms and tots!

– 180min of physical activity throughout the day!!  (PS that is 3, yes 3 hours!!!) at any      intensity

Active infants (<1 yr old) means floor play and tummy time, reaching and grasping at toys, crawling and rolling around the floor.

Active toddlers (>1 yr – 4yrs) means anything that will get them moving! Crawling, moving, dancing, active play,active songs, playing outside, skating, bike riding, running, walking, playing at the park, ect.

The older the children get, the more energetic the activity needs to be!

The Mommy and Me bootcamps that I do, not only get moms moving, but since all children are welcome, everyone gets moving!!  All the classes incorporate active baby songs throughout the class to get babies moving and to teach moms new active play songs!

Come check out a class soon!

Portion sizes

Potatoes vs applesauceThere is so much talk about how much to eat or how much NOT to eat!  When we look at resources like the Canada Food Guide, we can often get confused about how much is a serving.

Here is a quick picture of some potatoes we pulled from our garden to see different sizes! Which one do you think is the correct portion size for a serving of vegetables?  I’ll give you a hint…its not on the left side of the picture!!

A quick reference for serving sizes!

Your Fist = 1 cup

Your Thumb = 1 Tablespoon

The Palm of your hand = a serving of meat, chicken or fish

A Tennis Ball = an ounce of cereal

A great rule of thumb for making your plate at any meal is 1/2 of the plate should be Fruit &/or Veggie, 1/4 of the plate be a protein and 1/4 of the plate be a starch!

Download this PDF for a quick reference guide for your fridge!


Family Fun

I really have to get back to blogging!  I am still trying to get used to my husband being home as much as he is!  He started working away from home about 2 months before we got married….that was 5 years ago!  When we finally got transferred back to Edmonton, he has had most weekends and almost every evening off work!  It is great for us, our family and our kids, but it is a lifestyle change!  I am so used to having so much time to do things, that now, I put something on hold for what feels like a day or 2, and ends up being a month!!

Anyway, this winter has been amazing!  I have had hubby home on the weekends, which means my kids have daddy home to do things.  The weather has been AMAZING, well except that 1 week in January, and activity in our house has been GREAT!!

Here is a quick snapshot of some of our weekend fun!

….and now for kids!

But what about children?  And what age do children start needing more?

Here is what CSEP recommends as a minimum for 5-11 yr olds.  60min per day!  Do your children get 60 minutes per day?  Does this mean they have to get gym memberships and go everyday?  NOPE, but they should be at playgrounds, running in fields, riding bikes, rollerblading.

It can get very tough for parents when we live in areas like northern Alberta where the winters can be brutally cold!  Thank goodness we haven’t experienced winter here yet, but I’m sure it will come 🙁

Winter activities that can be done without costing much is swimming at a local  city rec center or YMCA, skating at public arenas or community centers, sledding, skiing, and walking.

Participating in family activities helps children to build a love for activity from a young age as well as understand healthy activity is good for everyone all year-long, all the time and not just when someone needs to lose weight.

What is really recommended?? pt1

I am frequently asked how much activity is needed for both adults and children.

Here is the info put out my the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Which breaks it down to a minimum approximately 21 minutes per day 7 days per week.  That’s not hard right?  Many people find it hard to actually find 20 minutes in a day….especially moms!  But it can be broken down into 10 min segments…which many moms find very helpful, and will then do more than 2 -10 minute segments in a day.

All my classes are 60 minutes long, with healthy cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility components.  2 classes per week will give you 120 min towards your minimum goal of 150 minutes!  Bringing your older children along will also give them a start on their minimum activity, and the little ones give you the added resistance, and see from a young age that fitness and activity are important to your family!


New Year, No Sugar…

Its a new year and I am excited as to what 2012 will bring to everyone!

How is everyone?  How has 2012 been so far?  For me…it has been a great 7 days so far!  We have wiped sugar out of our house, nothing I make has sugar added, and the amount of sugar used from already made food is watched and calculated!  Why?  because I have found it is in EVERYTHING!!!  We are a family that likes to cook from scratch and eat as close to whole as possible, but there are little things like sugar in coffee, sugar on oatmeal ect that were adding up….so now it is GONE!

Let me tell ya, the first day was tough, no sugar in my coffee!  But by day 3, when I was back at work and had ordered a double cream but ended up with a double double…that was some SWEET coffee…I actually took it back!  We made some of these which help curb hunger, meet the sweet tooth craving and are as small as a timbit, so easy for little hands!

What are you doing to kick start 2012 off in a healthy direction??

New Year, New Changes, New You!!

We are less than 12 hours to another New Year!  Most everyone makes New Years Resolutions….But does anyone ever keep them?  Does anyone realize that every day is a new day, every minute a new minute, every second a new second?  Especially a new second to make change?

If you are of the many many who wait till Monday or wait till the New Year to make big changes, guess what?  The New Year is Tomorrow, and Monday is the day after that!!

What are you changing in the New Year?  Are you making Health and Wellness a priority? I hope so!  Are you wanting to make it a priority for your whole family?  I hope so!  Are you going to call a professional to help you? or are you going to do like most everyone and “do it myself! I KNOW what to do, I just have to do it!”

If you are doing it alone, good for you!  Stick with it and make sure to check back here regularly (as my resolution is to post more regularly) and get free tips and tricks and hopefully some motivation to keep going!  And if you want/need the help of a professional…please don’t hesitate to call!  I have a vast colleague base that can help, whether you want to train for your first half marathon, compete in a body building competition or figure out how to fit in fitness with your kids in Calgary, I can help you out!

Have a happy and safe New Years Eve and I hope to hear from you all on Tuesday!  Edmonton classes resume on Tuesday!  Check the Class Schedule and Places for the latest schedule!

Tale of the Tape

Whats more important…the weight or the inches?

I get asked this all the time.  I personally say a little of both and a little of neither!

How do you feel?  Are you a happy healthy confident size 10? 12? 16? 6?

or are you an unhealthy can not keep up with your kids size 4?18?10?12?

When most people start on weight loss journeys, I try to stress to them that inches (tale of the tape) is more important than the numbers on the scale…why is that?  Well….let me tell ya!

As women, sooooo many things can play a factor on what we weigh!  It SUX!  But for the most part, when our comfy jeans dont fit today, but did last week, its usually because of something like:

– that wonderful time of the month we all love so much

– that extra soya sauce we put in the stirfry

– the extra glass or 2 of wine we had the evening the kids drove us NUTZ

– the fact that maybe we were too busy to eat or drink enough water yesterday

Whatever the case maybe, some women, if they step on a scale, would be devestated by a 2lbs weight gain since yesterday, but if the pants dont quite feel right today, they will simply take them off and try them in a couple days.

When weight is coming off, sometimes the body will rid water, lots of it, right away, but sometimes, especially if one has done a few too many yo-yo diets, the body will hold on for sometimes weeks, just waiting for this yo-yo to be over! Once your body sees it’s not going to be starved, but will actually be fed, nourished, and treated like the well oiled machine it is….both will come off, in a healthy happy successful way!  All while renovating the inner you to be the healthy confident women that we can all be, at whatever size we are happiest, healthiest at!

So both are important if you are at an unhealthy you, but neither are important when the goal is to be a healthy happy fit you!

Night all

MB xoxo