What do you do when…..the update 6 weeks-ish later

Well, it’s been what 6 weeks-ish since my allergy results came back. So lets say 6 weeks since I went paleo? I decided about mid April, after reading ‘It starts with food’ by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, that I was going to do a full Whole 30 challenge for the month of May. I figured start May 1st, end May 30th, the day before my Dh’s bday, so we could have a good night out. So now, what does this Whole30 entail? Well….
This is what I can’t eat (along with my allergies)
– grains…any grains. No rice, corn, quinoa, wheat ect
– legumes…Peanuts, peas, baked beans ect
– Dairy…any kind of dairy
– sugar…ya, none
– alcohol….tough but do able

What can I eat?
– Meat….beef, chicken, bison, pork, deer, moose
– fish…tuna, salmon, whatever
– nuts…I personally can’t eat pecans, but all the rest are fair game!
– veggies….any and all veggies….so many varieties
– fruit…some, not much as my tummy has never been great with fruit
– eggs
– Ghee
– podded legumes…green beans, snap peas ect

I’m learning to love food without the added extras. I am learning to enjoy homemade ketchup, mayo, salad dressings and sugar free spag sauce. Brae’s tummy issues are getting way better and Bryce is loving more raw veggies.

I am officially down 15lbs…without changing my regular workouts. Of course with spring actually being here, we are outside and more active, but really not 15lbs of active!! My energy is great! I’m not beat tired until bed time and my insomnia is way way better!!

Would you say I’m now an official Paleo eater? I guess. I would never define myself as a paleo eater. I do see now, when I eat something I can’t (due to my allergies), I do feel how it affects me almost immediately. I will almost always eat this way, but will not feel guilty for eating it, although I may feel physically gross!

What to do when…Part 2

Well, I’m a little over a week into this new eating routine. I have had no bread, no milk, no bananas, no peanut butter and 1 mess up! I was starved at Costco last week and ate some chicken fingers….blech! I felt soooo gross after! Like within minutes! That was a HUGE reminder how bad my system reacts to things that are not good for me after I get them out of my system.

Let me tell you though…It has not been easy!
For the first couple of days I CRAVED bread. Had I had any eggs, I would’ve made a soda bread or something…I was almost crazy looking for recipes for gluten free, dairy free, egg free (I’m allowed eggs, I just didn’t have any)…well, there is none! I’m really glad about that!

Then of course there was the notorious Easter Bunny….The evil little rabbit that comes and delivers copious amounts of sweet milk chocolate too all the little boys and girls. He hit our house too….In a HUGE way! Caramel eggs, chocolate eggs, chocolate peanut butter eggs, Lindt chocolate…you name it, it was in the house. But I was strong!! I had NONE! I did have a couple handfuls of Jelly Belly’s, but still, no chocolate, not falling!!

I have bought some Gluten free All Purpose flour, and come coconut flour to still make things for the kids, but I am hoping to continue down my journey for a couple more weeks, then do The Whole30. Spend 30 days (or 45 or 60) taking all the bad stuff out (including sugar, all grains, all legumes) and then re-intro food, 1 at a time. I really feel that, with the sensitivities that have been detected, there are more underlying issues. I feel that I may be sensitive to more of a family of grain than just the gluten containing items. This will help me figure it out…..Stay tuned…I’ll keep blogging on this first stuff, and then let you know when I decide to take it that one step further!

What to do when…..

Here’s a little back story.

My morning routine usually consists of:
6am wake up
6:15 cran-grape juice water 50/50 blend to take my probiotic, fish oils and vitamins
6:25 homeopathics
7:00 either PB and J on toast or Jillian Micheals Whey vanilla shake made with 1)milk or water, frozen banana and some cocoa 2) coffee (depends on the day…sometimes its my morning coffee and my shake, other days they are separate)
7:30 wake kids up and get them ready for school
8:30 take thing 1 to school
9:00 do my cardio or TRX
9:30 large glass of milk

So you see….I am pretty regular with my routine.

Hubs saw his naturopath months ago and they decided that hubs had to take gluten out of his diet…and really, who should eat that stuff? It is soooooo genetically modified that our systems do not know what to do with it! (Read Wheat Belly!) anyway, I switched the kids and I to Gluten free bread (Kinnikinnick Multigrain) to me it was great and the kids loved it!! So yay, I can still have my choice of breakfast!!

Now lets fast forward to Thursday. I saw my naturopath…after 2 months of reschedules due to conflicting schedules ūüôĀ I had taken an allergy, sensitivity test back in December and was patiently (well not really, I really really wanted my results) waiting for my results. Well…my world came crashing down!! No no, I’m not allergic to wine! or Chocolate!! but here are my top “Do not eat” items:

1) Gluten (no biggy, had changed about 80% of our pasta, bread ect anyway)
2) Yeast (well crap, now no leven breads ūüôĀ have to find yeast free, or gasp…make it myself)
3) Peanut Butter (WHAT!!! ok, deep breath)
4) Whey (well, frig)
5) Casein (k, so no dairy, no post workout milk, no JM shakes, no yogurt…grrrrr…the list goes on)
6) Banana (this list can end anytime!!)
7) Cranberry (no biggy, pick a new juice to water down)
and more things that really don’t bug me like soybean, pecans and crab.

I left the naturopath’s office with a new outlook on my eating…I washed it down with my last chocolate milkshake.
The weekend was spent going through my current diet, eating plan and revising it.
We’ll see how things go. The weekend was pretty good but I am now collecting recipes of tried and true foods that are GF, DF and yeast free!
I’ll keep you posted!

Toddler eating

Have you ever wondered how well your toddler eats?  Are they eating enough?  Are they getting the right stuff?

In this day and age, more and more are resorting to fast foods as everyone is busy.  Busy with work, busy with life, driving here and driving there.  But most moms worry about if their kids are eating a) healthy enough, and b) enough food

Here is a link to health Canada website for 2-4 year old serving size/amount guidelines.  Remember, these are only guidelines, if your child is eating more fruits and veggies, great!    And they may not eat perfectly everyday, but if they average out at the end of the week, that is great too!

Tomorrow we look at 4-8 year old boys and girls!

Small Children eating

I gave a link yesterday on toddler eating guidelines…now what about the older toddlers, preschool-middle school aged kids….what the heck should they eat??

Here is the recommended amounts for that pesky 4-8 year old range!  Its not much different, just a bit more!

The one thing we see is that serving sizes are the same, but the amounts of servings change from age group to age group.  We want to keep in mind though, that your child may not want to sit and eat a full 75g serving of meat or meat alternatives in 1 sitting.  That is fine, as long as at the end of the week, they average that 75g serving daily!

What do I eat?


There, it’s out!

That’s how I feel about all the information out there about nutrition! So many clients ask me…”What are we supposed to eat and how much? ¬†How am I supposed to read a label when every serving size is different? ¬†How come fruit loops look like they are better for you than oatmeal?”

Reading labels can be sooooo tough! ¬†Especially for those that are reading what the “company” wants you to see.

Who wants an info session to see what is really going on in the nutrition world? ¬†An NO there will not be a “sale’s pitch” for any product!!!

All or nothing

I watch shows, I see other trainers, and I watch people.  I do this for a number of reasons.  I watch people because I have 2 amazing, spirited children.  I watch how other people interact with their own children, or with other peoples children and i evaluate if they are someone I aspire to be as a parent.  I evaluate if those people are people I want my children to aspire to be.  I also watch to see how other people react to those people.

I watch shows, like TV shows.¬† Mostly for educational purposes.¬† I like the Dragons Den, to see what people are trying to put out there.¬† I watch Biggest Loser for inspiration as a trainer for new ideas, tips and tricks and I watch 90210 for plain old mind numbing entertainment…that ans i’ve been watching the original and now the new one for sooooo long, it is just part of me!

I watch other trainers for so many reasons.¬† I see how they interact with clients how clients respond to them.¬† Are they an All or Nothing trainer, are the clients an All or Nothing client?¬† Are the trainers meeting the emotional need of the client?¬† Has the client opened the truth to the trainer?¬† There are so many questions that I look to see…which brings me to the All or Nothing….

Are most people All or Nothing?  Should they be?  Is that what they look for in a trainer?

I watch Biggest Loser and although I get why they are All or Nothing, is that right?

I personally am not All or Nothing for most things in life.¬† I like a balance of food, a balance of exercise and a balance of life!¬† I don’t believe that anyone should cut 100% of all “Bad” things out of their diet, mostly because if you cut 1 thing, you will normally compensate with something else!¬† Shouldn’t you learn to eat healthy along your daily journey?¬† I feel that is best, making small but adequate steps to a better end!

I also believe that the TOTAL BODY approach is the better way.¬† With that I mean, heart, head all with health!¬† Most people don’t set themselves up purposefully to be unhealthy.¬† Yes there are exceptions,¬† like everything, but for most people, we slowly get “there” and don’t know how to get out.¬† Slow gradual changes is what got us “There” and that’s what is going to get us out!¬† No one took a pill to get unhealthy, a pill is not going to make anyone healthy!¬† Maybe too many McD’s Triple Thick Milkshakes helped to get one “There”, but a magic shake isn’t going to help get out!¬† Small healthy, choices!¬† Learning healthy alternatives, learning healthy substitutions, learning how to grocery shop, learning how to meal prep to save time, learning how to order food in a restaurant…These things are going to help!¬† Learning how to stick daily activity into daily life, learning that fitness can be fun, learning that fitness, health and wellness all go together and IS a family affair!¬† These things are going to help!

So next time you are stressed up to your eyeballs on a Thursday afternoon, you know you didn’t take meat out in the morning before work, you don’t know how you are going to get anything done tonight, let alone get some sort of workout in, so FRIG IT, pick up a pizza on the way home and start fresh Monday….Stop, think back to this post!¬† Yes, you will get home from work at 6, maybe it is better to just grab something…why not grab a rotisserie chicken and some salad fixings?¬† You would have to wait for pizza anyway.¬† While you are washing up the lettuce…Plank on the counter, do a few squat jumps, lunge to the washing machine to switch loads of laundry over, lunge back to the kitchen, do some push-ups on the counter.¬† Cut up the chicken, voila, supper is ready and you have a good 5 minutes of workout in.¬† Oh wait, 5 minutes, what’s that going to do?¬† Well, it’s 5 minutes more workout done than you did 15 minutes ago!¬† And if you still think you really need to just pick up that pizza tonight…FINE, pick it up, enjoy it, but go for a walk, or do that same 5 minute workout I just told you…and stay on the wagon!¬† You don’t have to get off till Monday!¬† Acknoledge it, accept it and move on!¬† That pizza will set you back a bit, maybe a day, on your goals, but don’t let it set you back till Monday!¬† Thank could cost you a good couple weeks!

Remember, when you are looking or All and you think you have Nothing.¬† 1 workout a week this year, just 1 a week, is 52 more workouts than you had last year!¬† That is something, and that something can be HUGE…therefore it is ALL!!

until tomorrow…night all xoxo

Day 4

So today was day 4 of the Visalus samples.
Today I mixed it just like yesterday. Juice, water, vi-trim and shake powder. Today I liked it as much as yesterday. Today I REALLY wished they made it with real sugar, just like yesterday. Today I know, I will not order it for me, just like yesterday….
I will catch up with an old friend if mine IFBB pro Jeni Briscoe, next week. We will chat, and I will learn more about the product. I went to Jeni, because she has been selling and using Visalus for over 2 years. Swears by it, loves it, recommends it, Uses it. I trust Jeni. She has told me there is a possibility they will be changing the auger substitute. I sure hope they do!

Day 3

Mixed the shake this morning with my kids fruit and veggie juice. 1/2 cup juice to 1/2 water. It was great! I’m really liking the shakes for the nutrition side. I also tried one of the vi-trim packets mixed in. My hunger was curbed almost all day! I tried one of the cookies that day too….which really makes me think…why can’t they either use real sugar in the shakes like the cookies, or no sugar/sweetener at all???
I have 1 more day of samples. I would love to say I will order it, but I know I won’t! I will post another day as to why I can’t stand sucralose!!! But for tonight, that is it. VISALUS…USE REAL SUGAR OR NO SUGAR PLEASE!!!

Day 2

On to day 2 of the Visalus Shakes…..

I mixed my shake this morning again with water, milk, a 1/2 a banana and added the Strawberry Phyto flavor mix.  Gotta say, it tasted pretty good.  I could still taste the sucralose, but I think I always will.

I didn’t get the headache, was thirsty all day, didn’t get any stomach issues, also didn’t feel hungry all day. ¬†I ate, because I had to, but really didn’t want to. ¬†I was quite surprised! ¬†I see how so much weight can be lost on this system! ¬†Maybe I just need to force myself to eat more!