All or nothing

I watch shows, I see other trainers, and I watch people.  I do this for a number of reasons.  I watch people because I have 2 amazing, spirited children.  I watch how other people interact with their own children, or with other peoples children and i evaluate if they are someone I aspire to be as a parent.  I evaluate if those people are people I want my children to aspire to be.  I also watch to see how other people react to those people.

I watch shows, like TV shows.  Mostly for educational purposes.  I like the Dragons Den, to see what people are trying to put out there.  I watch Biggest Loser for inspiration as a trainer for new ideas, tips and tricks and I watch 90210 for plain old mind numbing entertainment…that ans i’ve been watching the original and now the new one for sooooo long, it is just part of me!

I watch other trainers for so many reasons.  I see how they interact with clients how clients respond to them.  Are they an All or Nothing trainer, are the clients an All or Nothing client?  Are the trainers meeting the emotional need of the client?  Has the client opened the truth to the trainer?  There are so many questions that I look to see…which brings me to the All or Nothing….

Are most people All or Nothing?  Should they be?  Is that what they look for in a trainer?

I watch Biggest Loser and although I get why they are All or Nothing, is that right?

I personally am not All or Nothing for most things in life.  I like a balance of food, a balance of exercise and a balance of life!  I don’t believe that anyone should cut 100% of all “Bad” things out of their diet, mostly because if you cut 1 thing, you will normally compensate with something else!  Shouldn’t you learn to eat healthy along your daily journey?  I feel that is best, making small but adequate steps to a better end!

I also believe that the TOTAL BODY approach is the better way.  With that I mean, heart, head all with health!  Most people don’t set themselves up purposefully to be unhealthy.  Yes there are exceptions,  like everything, but for most people, we slowly get “there” and don’t know how to get out.  Slow gradual changes is what got us “There” and that’s what is going to get us out!  No one took a pill to get unhealthy, a pill is not going to make anyone healthy!  Maybe too many McD’s Triple Thick Milkshakes helped to get one “There”, but a magic shake isn’t going to help get out!  Small healthy, choices!  Learning healthy alternatives, learning healthy substitutions, learning how to grocery shop, learning how to meal prep to save time, learning how to order food in a restaurant…These things are going to help!  Learning how to stick daily activity into daily life, learning that fitness can be fun, learning that fitness, health and wellness all go together and IS a family affair!  These things are going to help!

So next time you are stressed up to your eyeballs on a Thursday afternoon, you know you didn’t take meat out in the morning before work, you don’t know how you are going to get anything done tonight, let alone get some sort of workout in, so FRIG IT, pick up a pizza on the way home and start fresh Monday….Stop, think back to this post!  Yes, you will get home from work at 6, maybe it is better to just grab something…why not grab a rotisserie chicken and some salad fixings?  You would have to wait for pizza anyway.  While you are washing up the lettuce…Plank on the counter, do a few squat jumps, lunge to the washing machine to switch loads of laundry over, lunge back to the kitchen, do some push-ups on the counter.  Cut up the chicken, voila, supper is ready and you have a good 5 minutes of workout in.  Oh wait, 5 minutes, what’s that going to do?  Well, it’s 5 minutes more workout done than you did 15 minutes ago!  And if you still think you really need to just pick up that pizza tonight…FINE, pick it up, enjoy it, but go for a walk, or do that same 5 minute workout I just told you…and stay on the wagon!  You don’t have to get off till Monday!  Acknoledge it, accept it and move on!  That pizza will set you back a bit, maybe a day, on your goals, but don’t let it set you back till Monday!  Thank could cost you a good couple weeks!

Remember, when you are looking or All and you think you have Nothing.  1 workout a week this year, just 1 a week, is 52 more workouts than you had last year!  That is something, and that something can be HUGE…therefore it is ALL!!

until tomorrow…night all xoxo