What do I eat?


There, it’s out!

That’s how I feel about all the information out there about nutrition! So many clients ask me…”What are we supposed to eat and how much?  How am I supposed to read a label when every serving size is different?  How come fruit loops look like they are better for you than oatmeal?”

Reading labels can be sooooo tough!  Especially for those that are reading what the “company” wants you to see.

Who wants an info session to see what is really going on in the nutrition world?  An NO there will not be a “sale’s pitch” for any product!!!

Feel Good Moments this week

I received a facebook message from a mom this week.  She sounded pretty discouraged but reaching out for help.  She has 2 kids, 1 in school, the other at home.  Her daughter (the one at home) was born early, and although is now 2, she still gets sick really easy.  This mom didn’t want to continue at the neighbourhood fitness center as her little one was getting sick more often by being in an environment that wasn’t close to her.  I told her to come by and check out one of our classes.  I suggested the exact class that I felt would be a good environment for her, with the moms that would give her the encouragement she needs.

She came and checked out a class.  She loved it!  She loved that her little one was right there with her, she could wear her, or not, and see her 100% of the time.  Her little one could play with the others, and be in a safe environment.  She (I think), also loved that when her little one needed her…she could easily take a break from the workout!

She emailed me about how greatful she is that I helped her and was totally inspired by the moms at that class!!  I can’t wait to see her back this week!

What I love….

The thing I absolutely love the most about what I do?

The community!  The community that my class moms make with each other and together!  We are there to celebrate the highs and successes of each mom!  I love that the moms feel as committed to other moms as they do to me.  We tweet, facebook and all around share the good, the bad and the ugly with our fitness journeys, but we also cry with joy from weight and inch loss, great recipes, good eating days and great parenting days!  Every mom in the class is at a different point in her journey, each have different age children, some have husbands that work at home, while others husbands work out of town, but we are all there for each other!  I am proud to be part of each of those communities 🙂

Feel Good Moments

I had a very humbling phone call last week that I wanted to share!

I received a phone call from the Millwoods Family Resource Center, that they had my name brought to them as someone they should have as resource.  I thought to myself “oh how nice a mom that I work with likes what I have done for her fitness levels”  Much to my surprise, it was actually what I have done for her self esteem as she has and is battling with Postpartum Depression.  I quickly made sure that my calendar was cleared for monday and my sister was able to care for my children so I could go talk to some of the other moms in their PPD program.

PPD is not something that many people advertise they have, until they are out of it.  It can be mild or it can be extremely bad.  It can last a short time, or it can last a life time.  To be recognized as helping a mom to work through this humbles me to the core.

Thank you




How do I fit fitness in with my kids?

I hear this question All.The.Time!

Although my classes are called FITMOM and Baby, there are many moms in the class that do not have a baby anymore!  What do we do then?  What about those who have a “baby” but also have toddlers, or even homeschooled older children?  No one really wants to just bring baby and leave the others with a sitter!

We have FITMOM and Children classes!!

If you are a mom of more than 1, more than 2 or 5, may not phase you!  So come out and have fun with us!  It shows all our family members that fitness is fun!

FITMOM and Children!