Toddler eating

Have you ever wondered how well your toddler eats?  Are they eating enough?  Are they getting the right stuff?

In this day and age, more and more are resorting to fast foods as everyone is busy.  Busy with work, busy with life, driving here and driving there.  But most moms worry about if their kids are eating a) healthy enough, and b) enough food

Here is a link to health Canada website for 2-4 year old serving size/amount guidelines.  Remember, these are only guidelines, if your child is eating more fruits and veggies, great!    And they may not eat perfectly everyday, but if they average out at the end of the week, that is great too!

Tomorrow we look at 4-8 year old boys and girls!

Small Children eating

I gave a link yesterday on toddler eating guidelines…now what about the older toddlers, preschool-middle school aged kids….what the heck should they eat??

Here is the recommended amounts for that pesky 4-8 year old range!  Its not much different, just a bit more!

The one thing we see is that serving sizes are the same, but the amounts of servings change from age group to age group.  We want to keep in mind though, that your child may not want to sit and eat a full 75g serving of meat or meat alternatives in 1 sitting.  That is fine, as long as at the end of the week, they average that 75g serving daily!

….and now for kids!

But what about children?  And what age do children start needing more?

Here is what CSEP recommends as a minimum for 5-11 yr olds.  60min per day!  Do your children get 60 minutes per day?  Does this mean they have to get gym memberships and go everyday?  NOPE, but they should be at playgrounds, running in fields, riding bikes, rollerblading.

It can get very tough for parents when we live in areas like northern Alberta where the winters can be brutally cold!  Thank goodness we haven’t experienced winter here yet, but I’m sure it will come 🙁

Winter activities that can be done without costing much is swimming at a local  city rec center or YMCA, skating at public arenas or community centers, sledding, skiing, and walking.

Participating in family activities helps children to build a love for activity from a young age as well as understand healthy activity is good for everyone all year-long, all the time and not just when someone needs to lose weight.

What is really recommended?? pt1

I am frequently asked how much activity is needed for both adults and children.

Here is the info put out my the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Which breaks it down to a minimum approximately 21 minutes per day 7 days per week.  That’s not hard right?  Many people find it hard to actually find 20 minutes in a day….especially moms!  But it can be broken down into 10 min segments…which many moms find very helpful, and will then do more than 2 -10 minute segments in a day.

All my classes are 60 minutes long, with healthy cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility components.  2 classes per week will give you 120 min towards your minimum goal of 150 minutes!  Bringing your older children along will also give them a start on their minimum activity, and the little ones give you the added resistance, and see from a young age that fitness and activity are important to your family!


New Year, No Sugar…

Its a new year and I am excited as to what 2012 will bring to everyone!

How is everyone?  How has 2012 been so far?  For me…it has been a great 7 days so far!  We have wiped sugar out of our house, nothing I make has sugar added, and the amount of sugar used from already made food is watched and calculated!  Why?  because I have found it is in EVERYTHING!!!  We are a family that likes to cook from scratch and eat as close to whole as possible, but there are little things like sugar in coffee, sugar on oatmeal ect that were adding up….so now it is GONE!

Let me tell ya, the first day was tough, no sugar in my coffee!  But by day 3, when I was back at work and had ordered a double cream but ended up with a double double…that was some SWEET coffee…I actually took it back!  We made some of these which help curb hunger, meet the sweet tooth craving and are as small as a timbit, so easy for little hands!

What are you doing to kick start 2012 off in a healthy direction??