Portion sizes

Potatoes vs applesauceThere is so much talk about how much to eat or how much NOT to eat!  When we look at resources like the Canada Food Guide, we can often get confused about how much is a serving.

Here is a quick picture of some potatoes we pulled from our garden to see different sizes! Which one do you think is the correct portion size for a serving of vegetables?  I’ll give you a hint…its not on the left side of the picture!!

A quick reference for serving sizes!

Your Fist = 1 cup

Your Thumb = 1 Tablespoon

The Palm of your hand = a serving of meat, chicken or fish

A Tennis Ball = an ounce of cereal

A great rule of thumb for making your plate at any meal is 1/2 of the plate should be Fruit &/or Veggie, 1/4 of the plate be a protein and 1/4 of the plate be a starch!

Download this PDF for a quick reference guide for your fridge!


Family Fun

I really have to get back to blogging!  I am still trying to get used to my husband being home as much as he is!  He started working away from home about 2 months before we got married….that was 5 years ago!  When we finally got transferred back to Edmonton, he has had most weekends and almost every evening off work!  It is great for us, our family and our kids, but it is a lifestyle change!  I am so used to having so much time to do things, that now, I put something on hold for what feels like a day or 2, and ends up being a month!!

Anyway, this winter has been amazing!  I have had hubby home on the weekends, which means my kids have daddy home to do things.  The weather has been AMAZING, well except that 1 week in January, and activity in our house has been GREAT!!

Here is a quick snapshot of some of our weekend fun!