Ready, shoot, GOAL!!!

But how do we get there?

Many of us know what we what to have as our ultimate goal, and we have an idea how to get there, but do we really?

Lets look at Molly (*name has been changed).  Molly is 30 years old, has 3 kids, is a stay at home mom and wants to lose another 30lbs.  Through diet and some activity she has already lost 20, but really wants to lose more.

So she has her ultimate goal….lose 50 lbs, 20 of which has been met.  Now the diet and some activity is just not enough to continue on that same road.  Why? Because the body adapts!  What was once “Activity”, is now part of daily living.  It has become part of the maintenance mode.  Her body needs to be shocked again.  So what does she need to do?

Here is my road map:

1 – Re-Evaluate the diet.

a) Once you lose fat and gain muscle density, your Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR) changes.  She may need more or fewer calories.

b) She may need to re-evaluate the fat sources in her diet.  Many times we decrease fat including the good fats, and our body does need good fats to function!

c)  The self sabotage on the calorie counting apps.  If you have a caloric intake required of 1400calories and you eat all 1400 in 1 meal…YOU WILL NOT LOOSE WEIGHT!!  Yes, you are staying within your required intake, but you MUST spread those out throughout the day!  These apps are great, if you use them properly!

2- Re-Evaluate the Activity

a) what once was “Extra”activity, is now considered daily living.  It is no longer Extra…that means more again!!

b) DO NOT trust the cardio machines at the fitness centers for accurate calorie burning.  Do trust your gut, are you working hard?  Are you being active for at least 30 minutes extra in a day that is not part of your regular routine?  Are you working at at least an 8 for most of that 30 min?

3 – Make small changes weekly.  You know where you want to be in 6 months, down 30 more pounds

a)  (Thursday) Start TODAY changing your eating

b)  (Friday) Start TOMORROW drinking more water

c) (Saturday)  Start the next day adding 5 extra minutes of activity (add another 5 every day)  You don’t need to jump onto the treadmill for 30 minutes tomorrow….work up to is though a week.

d) (Sunday) DO NOT weigh yourself this week!  Pick a day to be your weigh in day.  As women, we tend to want changes NOW and we want to see those changes.  Guess what…those changes come from How we feel and How our clothes fit!  Our weight fluctuates daily due to our lovely hormones.  Don’t fret it so much.  Are you feeling better? Are you clothes fitting better?  THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!!

Pick small goals.  1 – Drink more water, by weeks end, work up to drinking 2 liters of water a day.  2 – Do Not weigh yourself until you have been active and eating right for 2 weeks.  3- Reward yourself!!  Get through those 2 weeks of goals and give yourself a reward. Don’t over eat, but maybe buy a new wallet!  Something that when you see it, you remember, you accomplished that goal!  Then set your goal for the next 2 weeks!

Break down your large goal into small steps that are not number/scale based.  Weight loss is a great side effect of healthy living!

Watch for new posts…I’m adding a new goal for myself!!