What to do when…Part 2

Well, I’m a little over a week into this new eating routine. I have had no bread, no milk, no bananas, no peanut butter and 1 mess up! I was starved at Costco last week and ate some chicken fingers….blech! I felt soooo gross after! Like within minutes! That was a HUGE reminder how bad my system reacts to things that are not good for me after I get them out of my system.

Let me tell you though…It has not been easy!
For the first couple of days I CRAVED bread. Had I had any eggs, I would’ve made a soda bread or something…I was almost crazy looking for recipes for gluten free, dairy free, egg free (I’m allowed eggs, I just didn’t have any)…well, there is none! I’m really glad about that!

Then of course there was the notorious Easter Bunny….The evil little rabbit that comes and delivers copious amounts of sweet milk chocolate too all the little boys and girls. He hit our house too….In a HUGE way! Caramel eggs, chocolate eggs, chocolate peanut butter eggs, Lindt chocolate…you name it, it was in the house. But I was strong!! I had NONE! I did have a couple handfuls of Jelly Belly’s, but still, no chocolate, not falling!!

I have bought some Gluten free All Purpose flour, and come coconut flour to still make things for the kids, but I am hoping to continue down my journey for a couple more weeks, then do The Whole30. Spend 30 days (or 45 or 60) taking all the bad stuff out (including sugar, all grains, all legumes) and then re-intro food, 1 at a time. I really feel that, with the sensitivities that have been detected, there are more underlying issues. I feel that I may be sensitive to more of a family of grain than just the gluten containing items. This will help me figure it out…..Stay tuned…I’ll keep blogging on this first stuff, and then let you know when I decide to take it that one step further!