What do you do when…..the update 6 weeks-ish later

Well, it’s been what 6 weeks-ish since my allergy results came back. So lets say 6 weeks since I went paleo? I decided about mid April, after reading ‘It starts with food’ by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, that I was going to do a full Whole 30 challenge for the month of May. I figured start May 1st, end May 30th, the day before my Dh’s bday, so we could have a good night out. So now, what does this Whole30 entail? Well….
This is what I can’t eat (along with my allergies)
– grains…any grains. No rice, corn, quinoa, wheat ect
– legumes…Peanuts, peas, baked beans ect
– Dairy…any kind of dairy
– sugar…ya, none
– alcohol….tough but do able

What can I eat?
– Meat….beef, chicken, bison, pork, deer, moose
– fish…tuna, salmon, whatever
– nuts…I personally can’t eat pecans, but all the rest are fair game!
– veggies….any and all veggies….so many varieties
– fruit…some, not much as my tummy has never been great with fruit
– eggs
– Ghee
– podded legumes…green beans, snap peas ect

I’m learning to love food without the added extras. I am learning to enjoy homemade ketchup, mayo, salad dressings and sugar free spag sauce. Brae’s tummy issues are getting way better and Bryce is loving more raw veggies.

I am officially down 15lbs…without changing my regular workouts. Of course with spring actually being here, we are outside and more active, but really not 15lbs of active!! My energy is great! I’m not beat tired until bed time and my insomnia is way way better!!

Would you say I’m now an official Paleo eater? I guess. I would never define myself as a paleo eater. I do see now, when I eat something I can’t (due to my allergies), I do feel how it affects me almost immediately. I will almost always eat this way, but will not feel guilty for eating it, although I may feel physically gross!