Breastfeeding and Exercise

As most of the moms in any of my classes know, I breastfed both my children….I actually still breastfeed my son.  He turned 2 last week.  Many moms ask me if exercise affects a) the milk itself, b) the relationship and c) mom.

As some of my moms know, I am also a LaLecheLeague Leader, therefore, I am a volunteer support person, to help moms with breastfeeding.  I also surround myself with 2 fabulous ICBLC’s and fellow LLL leaders (Kim Johnstone of Roots of Wellness Family Services and Erie Melnychuk of Edmonton ICBLC.)  They are both a great wealth of information on breastfeeding.  Another great source for info is and here is a great article on the subject of exercise and breastfeeding!

Personally, we have never had an issue with a), b), or c), and many of my moms feel that coming to the class as a nursing mom, they have that “break” that they may need during the workout to attend to a nursing baby!

So in my opinion, Breastfeeding and exercise can go hand in hand very well!  Just remember that both do cause a calorie deficit, and more food may be needed for moms to ensure the body doesnt’ go into starvation mode, therefore causing weight gain!

Night all!



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