My Life

Sorry guys,

I haven’t been ignoring you…it has just been a very hard, busy last few months, so somedays it is really hard to get in front of my laptop and pound out a new post!

It all started in September, when our house in Peace River FINALLY sold.  I had to go up twice that month, and put all of our stuff in storage since we didn’t have a house yet in Edmonton.  Then we started looking at houses in Edmonton, but decided to purchase my husbands parents home in the west end.  I had to help get them moved out, plus October is a busy month for trade shows.  Then at the end of October I had to make the hard, sad decision of putting our family pet to sleep.  She was a 6 yr old English Mastiff who had a chemical imbalance in her brain.

November has not been fun either!  I was pretty busy with work, we started our renos in the house, and christmas is coming!!  Add to that a week of flu that went through both kids and myself, a hubby that has had to go to meetings out-of-town every week and I’m one tired mama!

So please bear with me…The winter session is looking AWESOME!!!  Registrations will open next week with the South, West and Devon locations!!  The Spruce/Stony registrations will open as soon as we have a location!  There may also be talk of a St.Albert location coming later in the winter too…shhhhh!!

have a great night!

MB xoxox

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