Tale of the Tape

Whats more important…the weight or the inches?

I get asked this all the time.  I personally say a little of both and a little of neither!

How do you feel?  Are you a happy healthy confident size 10? 12? 16? 6?

or are you an unhealthy can not keep up with your kids size 4?18?10?12?

When most people start on weight loss journeys, I try to stress to them that inches (tale of the tape) is more important than the numbers on the scale…why is that?  Well….let me tell ya!

As women, sooooo many things can play a factor on what we weigh!  It SUX!  But for the most part, when our comfy jeans dont fit today, but did last week, its usually because of something like:

– that wonderful time of the month we all love so much

– that extra soya sauce we put in the stirfry

– the extra glass or 2 of wine we had the evening the kids drove us NUTZ

– the fact that maybe we were too busy to eat or drink enough water yesterday

Whatever the case maybe, some women, if they step on a scale, would be devestated by a 2lbs weight gain since yesterday, but if the pants dont quite feel right today, they will simply take them off and try them in a couple days.

When weight is coming off, sometimes the body will rid water, lots of it, right away, but sometimes, especially if one has done a few too many yo-yo diets, the body will hold on for sometimes weeks, just waiting for this yo-yo to be over! Once your body sees it’s not going to be starved, but will actually be fed, nourished, and treated like the well oiled machine it is….both will come off, in a healthy happy successful way!  All while renovating the inner you to be the healthy confident women that we can all be, at whatever size we are happiest, healthiest at!

So both are important if you are at an unhealthy you, but neither are important when the goal is to be a healthy happy fit you!

Night all

MB xoxo

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