New Year, No Sugar…

Its a new year and I am excited as to what 2012 will bring to everyone!

How is everyone?  How has 2012 been so far?  For me…it has been a great 7 days so far!  We have wiped sugar out of our house, nothing I make has sugar added, and the amount of sugar used from already made food is watched and calculated!  Why?  because I have found it is in EVERYTHING!!!  We are a family that likes to cook from scratch and eat as close to whole as possible, but there are little things like sugar in coffee, sugar on oatmeal ect that were adding up….so now it is GONE!

Let me tell ya, the first day was tough, no sugar in my coffee!  But by day 3, when I was back at work and had ordered a double cream but ended up with a double double…that was some SWEET coffee…I actually took it back!  We made some of these which help curb hunger, meet the sweet tooth craving and are as small as a timbit, so easy for little hands!

What are you doing to kick start 2012 off in a healthy direction??

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