Infant activity recommendations

Did you know there is now officially a recommendation for infant/baby activity?!?

I was sooooo excited to see not only what is recommended, but how it is recommended for children between the ages of 0 and 4!

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) has published these guidelines!

In a nutshell:

– Move more, sit less…for moms and tots!

– 180min of physical activity throughout the day!!  (PS that is 3, yes 3 hours!!!) at any      intensity

Active infants (<1 yr old) means floor play and tummy time, reaching and grasping at toys, crawling and rolling around the floor.

Active toddlers (>1 yr – 4yrs) means anything that will get them moving! Crawling, moving, dancing, active play,active songs, playing outside, skating, bike riding, running, walking, playing at the park, ect.

The older the children get, the more energetic the activity needs to be!

The Mommy and Me bootcamps that I do, not only get moms moving, but since all children are welcome, everyone gets moving!!  All the classes incorporate active baby songs throughout the class to get babies moving and to teach moms new active play songs!

Come check out a class soon!

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