What to do when…..

Here’s a little back story.

My morning routine usually consists of:
6am wake up
6:15 cran-grape juice water 50/50 blend to take my probiotic, fish oils and vitamins
6:25 homeopathics
7:00 either PB and J on toast or Jillian Micheals Whey vanilla shake made with 1)milk or water, frozen banana and some cocoa 2) coffee (depends on the day…sometimes its my morning coffee and my shake, other days they are separate)
7:30 wake kids up and get them ready for school
8:30 take thing 1 to school
9:00 do my cardio or TRX
9:30 large glass of milk

So you see….I am pretty regular with my routine.

Hubs saw his naturopath months ago and they decided that hubs had to take gluten out of his diet…and really, who should eat that stuff? It is soooooo genetically modified that our systems do not know what to do with it! (Read Wheat Belly!) anyway, I switched the kids and I to Gluten free bread (Kinnikinnick Multigrain) to me it was great and the kids loved it!! So yay, I can still have my choice of breakfast!!

Now lets fast forward to Thursday. I saw my naturopath…after 2 months of reschedules due to conflicting schedules 🙁 I had taken an allergy, sensitivity test back in December and was patiently (well not really, I really really wanted my results) waiting for my results. Well…my world came crashing down!! No no, I’m not allergic to wine! or Chocolate!! but here are my top “Do not eat” items:

1) Gluten (no biggy, had changed about 80% of our pasta, bread ect anyway)
2) Yeast (well crap, now no leven breads 🙁 have to find yeast free, or gasp…make it myself)
3) Peanut Butter (WHAT!!! ok, deep breath)
4) Whey (well, frig)
5) Casein (k, so no dairy, no post workout milk, no JM shakes, no yogurt…grrrrr…the list goes on)
6) Banana (this list can end anytime!!)
7) Cranberry (no biggy, pick a new juice to water down)
and more things that really don’t bug me like soybean, pecans and crab.

I left the naturopath’s office with a new outlook on my eating…I washed it down with my last chocolate milkshake.
The weekend was spent going through my current diet, eating plan and revising it.
We’ll see how things go. The weekend was pretty good but I am now collecting recipes of tried and true foods that are GF, DF and yeast free!
I’ll keep you posted!

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