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HI All!!

I’m MaryBeth, Owner of Total Body Renovations Personal Training.

Total Body Renovations is my personal training company that I started while I attended NAIT from 2002-2004 in the Personal Fitness Training Program.  I realized that Fitness started from the inside out, which means renovating from the inside out!  Hence the name Total Body Renovations…you can’t move out, but you can RENOVATE!

I moved from Edmonton in October of 2005, to Fort St John, BC, where I worked out of 2 of the Gyms there (Totay’s Techniques and World Gym) as well as had many clients out of their houses!  In the time there we also renovated a house from the inside and had our first child, my very spirited little girl Braelyn.

When Braelyn was 6 weeks old, (February 2008) we were transferred to Peace River, AB.  I took a break from training clients as I was in a new town and had a new baby.  By The fall of 2008 I was getting itchy to start training again, but with my husbands work schedule, I know he couldn’t watch the baby in the evenings, so any new clients had to be day time and either at their house or mine to be able to work around my babies sleep schedule.  Within a few weeks, I had a couple clients per week and I was thrilled to be helping people again!  Then I found out I was expecting baby #2!!  What a way to throw a curve ball!

In November of 2009, on a chilly wednesday morning, I delivered our son Bryce.  Then of course, 6 months later, we were transferred back to Edmonton.

I took a bit of a hiatis from training for about 8 months to get settled somewhat in Edmonton.  But as of April 2011, I was back in business!  I did some work with FITMOM Edmonton as well as Personal Training.  My Mommy and Me Bootcamps started outside at the Argyll Sports Park in June and will start again this May!  I am looking forward to getting back outside with all my moms and babies who are now toddlers!!  I continue to do my one on one or small group (no babies) training at PHAT.


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Me, Braelyn and Bryce

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