Feel Good Moments this week

I received a facebook message from a mom this week.  She sounded pretty discouraged but reaching out for help.  She has 2 kids, 1 in school, the other at home.  Her daughter (the one at home) was born early, and although is now 2, she still gets sick really easy.  This mom didn’t want to continue at the neighbourhood fitness center as her little one was getting sick more often by being in an environment that wasn’t close to her.  I told her to come by and check out one of our classes.  I suggested the exact class that I felt would be a good environment for her, with the moms that would give her the encouragement she needs.

She came and checked out a class.  She loved it!  She loved that her little one was right there with her, she could wear her, or not, and see her 100% of the time.  Her little one could play with the others, and be in a safe environment.  She (I think), also loved that when her little one needed her…she could easily take a break from the workout!

She emailed me about how greatful she is that I helped her and was totally inspired by the moms at that class!!  I can’t wait to see her back this week!

What I love….

The thing I absolutely love the most about what I do?

The community!  The community that my class moms make with each other and together!  We are there to celebrate the highs and successes of each mom!  I love that the moms feel as committed to other moms as they do to me.  We tweet, facebook and all around share the good, the bad and the ugly with our fitness journeys, but we also cry with joy from weight and inch loss, great recipes, good eating days and great parenting days!  Every mom in the class is at a different point in her journey, each have different age children, some have husbands that work at home, while others husbands work out of town, but we are all there for each other!  I am proud to be part of each of those communities 🙂

Feel Good Moments

I had a very humbling phone call last week that I wanted to share!

I received a phone call from the Millwoods Family Resource Center, that they had my name brought to them as someone they should have as resource.  I thought to myself “oh how nice a mom that I work with likes what I have done for her fitness levels”  Much to my surprise, it was actually what I have done for her self esteem as she has and is battling with Postpartum Depression.  I quickly made sure that my calendar was cleared for monday and my sister was able to care for my children so I could go talk to some of the other moms in their PPD program.

PPD is not something that many people advertise they have, until they are out of it.  It can be mild or it can be extremely bad.  It can last a short time, or it can last a life time.  To be recognized as helping a mom to work through this humbles me to the core.

Thank you




How do I fit fitness in with my kids?

I hear this question All.The.Time!

Although my classes are called FITMOM and Baby, there are many moms in the class that do not have a baby anymore!  What do we do then?  What about those who have a “baby” but also have toddlers, or even homeschooled older children?  No one really wants to just bring baby and leave the others with a sitter!

We have FITMOM and Children classes!!

If you are a mom of more than 1, more than 2 or 5, may not phase you!  So come out and have fun with us!  It shows all our family members that fitness is fun!

FITMOM and Children!

All or nothing

I watch shows, I see other trainers, and I watch people.  I do this for a number of reasons.  I watch people because I have 2 amazing, spirited children.  I watch how other people interact with their own children, or with other peoples children and i evaluate if they are someone I aspire to be as a parent.  I evaluate if those people are people I want my children to aspire to be.  I also watch to see how other people react to those people.

I watch shows, like TV shows.  Mostly for educational purposes.  I like the Dragons Den, to see what people are trying to put out there.  I watch Biggest Loser for inspiration as a trainer for new ideas, tips and tricks and I watch 90210 for plain old mind numbing entertainment…that ans i’ve been watching the original and now the new one for sooooo long, it is just part of me!

I watch other trainers for so many reasons.  I see how they interact with clients how clients respond to them.  Are they an All or Nothing trainer, are the clients an All or Nothing client?  Are the trainers meeting the emotional need of the client?  Has the client opened the truth to the trainer?  There are so many questions that I look to see…which brings me to the All or Nothing….

Are most people All or Nothing?  Should they be?  Is that what they look for in a trainer?

I watch Biggest Loser and although I get why they are All or Nothing, is that right?

I personally am not All or Nothing for most things in life.  I like a balance of food, a balance of exercise and a balance of life!  I don’t believe that anyone should cut 100% of all “Bad” things out of their diet, mostly because if you cut 1 thing, you will normally compensate with something else!  Shouldn’t you learn to eat healthy along your daily journey?  I feel that is best, making small but adequate steps to a better end!

I also believe that the TOTAL BODY approach is the better way.  With that I mean, heart, head all with health!  Most people don’t set themselves up purposefully to be unhealthy.  Yes there are exceptions,  like everything, but for most people, we slowly get “there” and don’t know how to get out.  Slow gradual changes is what got us “There” and that’s what is going to get us out!  No one took a pill to get unhealthy, a pill is not going to make anyone healthy!  Maybe too many McD’s Triple Thick Milkshakes helped to get one “There”, but a magic shake isn’t going to help get out!  Small healthy, choices!  Learning healthy alternatives, learning healthy substitutions, learning how to grocery shop, learning how to meal prep to save time, learning how to order food in a restaurant…These things are going to help!  Learning how to stick daily activity into daily life, learning that fitness can be fun, learning that fitness, health and wellness all go together and IS a family affair!  These things are going to help!

So next time you are stressed up to your eyeballs on a Thursday afternoon, you know you didn’t take meat out in the morning before work, you don’t know how you are going to get anything done tonight, let alone get some sort of workout in, so FRIG IT, pick up a pizza on the way home and start fresh Monday….Stop, think back to this post!  Yes, you will get home from work at 6, maybe it is better to just grab something…why not grab a rotisserie chicken and some salad fixings?  You would have to wait for pizza anyway.  While you are washing up the lettuce…Plank on the counter, do a few squat jumps, lunge to the washing machine to switch loads of laundry over, lunge back to the kitchen, do some push-ups on the counter.  Cut up the chicken, voila, supper is ready and you have a good 5 minutes of workout in.  Oh wait, 5 minutes, what’s that going to do?  Well, it’s 5 minutes more workout done than you did 15 minutes ago!  And if you still think you really need to just pick up that pizza tonight…FINE, pick it up, enjoy it, but go for a walk, or do that same 5 minute workout I just told you…and stay on the wagon!  You don’t have to get off till Monday!  Acknoledge it, accept it and move on!  That pizza will set you back a bit, maybe a day, on your goals, but don’t let it set you back till Monday!  Thank could cost you a good couple weeks!

Remember, when you are looking or All and you think you have Nothing.  1 workout a week this year, just 1 a week, is 52 more workouts than you had last year!  That is something, and that something can be HUGE…therefore it is ALL!!

until tomorrow…night all xoxo

8 out of what now??

So I blogged the other day on Time, and I said that no, you really don’t need an hour straight, all together…that you could break it up into chunks if that fits your lifestyle, time restraints better.  I said that you could work out 6 times a day for 10 minutes each time if that works better…but what does a 10 minute workout look like?

Is it, walking around the house for 10 minutes?  It could be.

Is it running the stairs in your house for 10 minutes straight?  It could be.

How are these the same but different?

Lets look at YOU.  Whats your current activity level?  Do you currently have an activty level of 2?  On a scale of 1-10, are you a 2?  Is most of your day spent doing nothing?  Do you laze in bed, or on the couch and only get up for the 2 minutes to go pee or get more food?  If so, then getting up off the couch for 10 minutes doing ANYTHING but sitting on your BUTT will be a workout!  It will bring your activity level to atleast a 6/10.  Do I want an 8/10 from you?  ABSOLUTELY, does that need to be for all 10 minutes?  NOPE!  but for 5 of those 10 minutes, I want you to feel like you are working REALLY HARD!! Like an 8 out of 10 hard.

So now your asking, “ok, but, what heart rate am I trying to achieve?”  To which my answer is…”it doesn’t matter!!”  I want you to feel like you are just about ready to not be able to go any harder!  And guess what, in a week, what you accomplished today will feel like a 5!  So you can push yourself again!

Other factors will always play into how you feel to.  Did you eat enough?  Did you eat too much of the wrong things?  Have you drank enough water today?  Were you up blogging all night?  Did your baby keep you up?  There are so many things that will make the 6, feel like an 8 some days and that’s ok!  That’s why I ask you to go by feeling and not by heart rate!

So getting back to our original question….what does a 10 minute workout look like?

It looks like anything you can do for 10 minutes, while working hard enough for at least 5 of those 10 minutes feeling like you are pushing yourself as hard as you can.  It could be a 10 minute walk around the house, or it could be running the stairs….or it could be a combination of both!  It could be 1 minutes of walking and 1 minute of stairs, repeated a few times, or it could be 2 minutes of walking, followed by 5 minutes of stairs, then back to 3 minutes of walking again.

Go, get active and enjoy 60 minutes of physical activity everyday…whichever means it takes for you to get that activity in!

MB xoxoxo


Many people come to me wanting change, but say they have no time.  They all say “I will TRY to fit it in”, but as I said in this post, I don’t like TRY.

So how do we fit it in??  You do as you can!!

Do you relax in the evening and watch TV in the evening?  How about running the stairs in your house during commercials?  That could give you 20minutes in a 60min show of activity!  Oh wait, you PVR, so you can forward the commercials…heres a thought…DON’T FAST FORWARD!!!

You are busy when you get home from work, making supper, cleaning the house, putting in laundry.  You can do squats as you wash dishes, lunge to the washing machine, run the stairs to get the next load, do pushups or planks against the counter, while you wait for the oven to pre-heat, or the sink to fill.

Yes, we (everyone) is supposed to get 60 minutes of physical activity in a day…we do not need to put aside 60 minutes all together!  We can break it into 2-30 min chunks, 3-20minutes chunks, or even 6-10 minutes chunks!

All I ask, is that of your 6×10 min mini workouts per day, you reach an 8/10 intensity for 6 of those 10 minutes.  What does that look like??  I’ll tell ya tomorrow!!

Night all, i’m off to lunge to the kitchen, squat my way through washing and chopping potatoes, lunge to the BBQ, do pushups on the deck while the BBQ heats up, lunge back to the kitchen to get my steaks, lunge back to the BBQ to put the steaks on…and since we like our steaks med-rare, I will do my jumping jacks for a cardio break and more pushups while the steaks cook!

MB xoxo



I was thinking the other day about the word TRY.

Why do we say we try?  When we try, we are acknowledging we may fail.  Why do we want to set ourselves up to fail?  When we have to pee…do we try to pee, or do we just do it?  When we want to go upstairs…do we try to walk up the stairs, or do we just do it?  When we are pregnant, (for most of the population) do we try to go into labour, or do we just do it?  Once we are in labour, do we try to have a baby, or do we just do it?

What i’m getting at is, for the most part, we don’t try to do things we have made our mind up to do, we just do it!

“Do or do not, there is no try” Yoda!

SO I ask, why do we “try” to eat healthy?  Why can’t we just do it?  Why do we Try to get a workout in?  Why can’t we just do it?  I get it, I do, we are busy, we have kids, blah blah blah.  I have 2 kids, they are less than 2 yrs apart….I haven’t gone to a gym to workout in over 3 years.  ya ya, i’m a personal trainer, I know how to do this stuff…and you are right I do…But I LOVE a good hard workout, un-interrupted by kids, diapers, phone ringing, lunch making, being a mom, doing mom tasks workout!  So no, I can’t do those much, I don’t even pretend to “try”…but I just DO a great workout when I can, where I can!

Now you say, but I don’t have an hour to do that….and I will address that tomorrow!

But for tonight and the rest of the week…instead of trying, just do!  You will get better results that way!

night night

MB xoxo

The good, the bad, and the ugly?

So I rant, A LOT, about sucralose.  But what is it really I am ranting about?  Is it just me that doesn’t like it?  Is there a reason, like a real medical reason for my rant?


But first, lets see what Splenda has to say.

First they say they start with sugar, real sugar and through a process, turn it into a no calorie sweetener.  It passes through your body, without the body recognizing it is a carbohydrate, to it is not broken down and utilized for energy.  The process takes sugar, replaces 3 hydrogen-oxygen groups with chlorine.  They note that Sucralose does not have any side effects.  It is not the cause of head aches, stomach issues or bloat.  It does not affect the kidneys, the liver, or the Thymus.  That 85% of what is ingested, leaves the body unaltered, and of the 15% that does get absorbed, most of it leaves within 24 hours.

Now for why I rant!

As with anything controversial, it is always hard to find truth on the internet.  There is a product, that has millions of dollars spent on advertising.  They, of course, can say in all their websites that everything is safe and fine. Then of course there is the other sweeteners that spend thousands if not millions on bashing the opposing sweetener.  Should we trust people like JoLynn Braley from The Fit Shack?  Many people do, most of what she is saying is true (if not all of it), Or Dr Mercola. Who has many many published articles. Do we trust the makers of Splenda themselves?  Many people trust them too.  There is of course, places like The Natural News, or the best article yet….Naked Food Cooking!

For me, I CAN taste it, and I DO get an almost instant headache.  I DONT like the thought of chemically altered foods, (and yes I understand that cooking foods, alters it)  I don’t like that it has only been around for 20years in Canada (1991).

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the internet is that you can research anything and get info. that is just that, good, bad or ugly!  Some is true, some is not, but it is up to us to research and decide what is best for us and our bodies!

with that…I’m off to bed!

MB  xoxo


This weekend, my hubby, the kids and I, travelled up to small town northern Alberta for the town fair. This town is the same small town my dad grew up in. The only other town that I knew of until I moved to the US. It was where all my relatives lived. It was at one time my happy place.
When we drove in this morning and parked my truck by my parents camper, Every emotion, every memory flooded back to me. We parked at the beginning of town at my dads friends place and walked down the road to the hall where breakfast was being served. As we walked, I looked at this little old house along the road and was flooded with emotion. It was my great grandparents house. I stopped and just looked at how incredibly tiny the house was, but yet, remember it having to much room for all of us to visit. I remember picking veggies out of the HUGE (which still is huge) garden, and running up the big hill to wash them in the old pump well in the front yard. I remember playing tag with my cousins in the back yard. Heck I even remembered the day my great grandfather installed a toilet in the house, so Gigi (my g-grandmother) didn’t have to go out to the outhouse anymore. After my few nostalgic filled seconds swooned through me, we continued our walk to the hall.

I walked up to the hall to see my dad outside chatting away with old friends, my great uncle.  Mom was chatting with some of wives and my great aunt.  After a quick hug to everyone, I HAD to eat!  This was the longest I had gone between wake up and eating in months!  I was starving!  I told the folks I’d catch up with them for the parade.  It had been about 7 or so years since I had last walked in that hall.  Another mix of emotions flooded me, until the aroma of pancakes, maple syrup and ham took over the senses!

We ate, and noticed the time.  Bryce hopping back into the MeiTai, Braelyn grabbed my hand and off we went, walked down to main street then over to where we had parked, grabbed a grocery bag and waited…waited for the parade to begin!  The parade is only about 15 cars/floats long, but we still managed to get about 1/4 of a grocery bag full of candy (which was conveniently left at grammies house!!).  After a little sit around, watching the kids play, my grandfather came then we walked up to the fairgrounds where we watched a horse pull, the kids had horseback rides, got their faces painted and played at the park.  I think we were up at the fairgrounds for about 3 hours before walking back to my parents camper, then off to the hall again for super.

All in all it was a great day, we were active as a family, a big, extended family.  There were 4 generations from my side (my grandfather, my dad and mom, me and hubby and our kids), 3 generations from my hubby’s side (his mom and dad, us and the kids), 2 of my great uncles and aunts from my grandfathers side as well as a great aunt and uncle from my grandmothers side.  Many of these relatives I hadn’t seen since hubby’s and my wedding September of 2006.  I just hope that now that we are back in Edmonton, it doesn’t take 5 years to go back!

night night!