What to do when…..

Here’s a little back story.

My morning routine usually consists of:
6am wake up
6:15 cran-grape juice water 50/50 blend to take my probiotic, fish oils and vitamins
6:25 homeopathics
7:00 either PB and J on toast or Jillian Micheals Whey vanilla shake made with 1)milk or water, frozen banana and some cocoa 2) coffee (depends on the day…sometimes its my morning coffee and my shake, other days they are separate)
7:30 wake kids up and get them ready for school
8:30 take thing 1 to school
9:00 do my cardio or TRX
9:30 large glass of milk

So you see….I am pretty regular with my routine.

Hubs saw his naturopath months ago and they decided that hubs had to take gluten out of his diet…and really, who should eat that stuff? It is soooooo genetically modified that our systems do not know what to do with it! (Read Wheat Belly!) anyway, I switched the kids and I to Gluten free bread (Kinnikinnick Multigrain) to me it was great and the kids loved it!! So yay, I can still have my choice of breakfast!!

Now lets fast forward to Thursday. I saw my naturopath…after 2 months of reschedules due to conflicting schedules ūüôĀ I had taken an allergy, sensitivity test back in December and was patiently (well not really, I really really wanted my results) waiting for my results. Well…my world came crashing down!! No no, I’m not allergic to wine! or Chocolate!! but here are my top “Do not eat” items:

1) Gluten (no biggy, had changed about 80% of our pasta, bread ect anyway)
2) Yeast (well crap, now no leven breads ūüôĀ have to find yeast free, or gasp…make it myself)
3) Peanut Butter (WHAT!!! ok, deep breath)
4) Whey (well, frig)
5) Casein (k, so no dairy, no post workout milk, no JM shakes, no yogurt…grrrrr…the list goes on)
6) Banana (this list can end anytime!!)
7) Cranberry (no biggy, pick a new juice to water down)
and more things that really don’t bug me like soybean, pecans and crab.

I left the naturopath’s office with a new outlook on my eating…I washed it down with my last chocolate milkshake.
The weekend was spent going through my current diet, eating plan and revising it.
We’ll see how things go. The weekend was pretty good but I am now collecting recipes of tried and true foods that are GF, DF and yeast free!
I’ll keep you posted!

What do I eat?


There, it’s out!

That’s how I feel about all the information out there about nutrition! So many clients ask me…”What are we supposed to eat and how much? ¬†How am I supposed to read a label when every serving size is different? ¬†How come fruit loops look like they are better for you than oatmeal?”

Reading labels can be sooooo tough! ¬†Especially for those that are reading what the “company” wants you to see.

Who wants an info session to see what is really going on in the nutrition world? ¬†An NO there will not be a “sale’s pitch” for any product!!!

The good, the bad, and the ugly?

So I rant, A LOT, about sucralose. ¬†But what is it really I am ranting about? ¬†Is it just me that¬†doesn’t¬†like it? ¬†Is there a reason, like a real medical reason for my rant?


But first, lets see what Splenda has to say.

First they say they start with sugar, real sugar and through a process, turn it into a no calorie sweetener.  It passes through your body, without the body recognizing it is a carbohydrate, to it is not broken down and utilized for energy.  The process takes sugar, replaces 3 hydrogen-oxygen groups with chlorine.  They note that Sucralose does not have any side effects.  It is not the cause of head aches, stomach issues or bloat.  It does not affect the kidneys, the liver, or the Thymus.  That 85% of what is ingested, leaves the body unaltered, and of the 15% that does get absorbed, most of it leaves within 24 hours.

Now for why I rant!

As with anything¬†controversial, it is always hard to find truth on the internet. ¬†There is a product, that has millions of dollars spent on advertising. ¬†They, of course, can say in all their websites that everything is safe and fine. Then of course there is the other sweeteners that spend thousands if not millions on bashing the opposing sweetener. ¬†Should we trust people like JoLynn Braley from The Fit Shack? ¬†Many people do, most of what she is saying is true (if not all of it), Or Dr Mercola. Who has many many published articles. Do we trust the makers of¬†Splenda themselves? ¬†Many people trust them too. ¬†There is of course, places like The Natural News, or the best article yet….Naked Food Cooking!

For me, I CAN taste it, and I DO get an almost instant headache. ¬†I DONT like the thought of chemically altered foods, (and yes I understand that cooking foods, alters it) ¬†I don’t like that it has only been around for 20years in Canada (1991).

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the internet is that you can research anything and get info. that is just that, good, bad or ugly!  Some is true, some is not, but it is up to us to research and decide what is best for us and our bodies!

with that…I’m off to bed!

MB  xoxo

Day 4

So today was day 4 of the Visalus samples.
Today I mixed it just like yesterday. Juice, water, vi-trim and shake powder. Today I liked it as much as yesterday. Today I REALLY wished they made it with real sugar, just like yesterday. Today I know, I will not order it for me, just like yesterday….
I will catch up with an old friend if mine IFBB pro Jeni Briscoe, next week. We will chat, and I will learn more about the product. I went to Jeni, because she has been selling and using Visalus for over 2 years. Swears by it, loves it, recommends it, Uses it. I trust Jeni. She has told me there is a possibility they will be changing the auger substitute. I sure hope they do!

Day 2

On to day 2 of the Visalus Shakes…..

I mixed my shake this morning again with water, milk, a 1/2 a banana and added the Strawberry Phyto flavor mix.  Gotta say, it tasted pretty good.  I could still taste the sucralose, but I think I always will.

I didn’t get the headache, was thirsty all day, didn’t get any stomach issues, also didn’t feel hungry all day. ¬†I ate, because I had to, but really didn’t want to. ¬†I was quite surprised! ¬†I see how so much weight can be lost on this system! ¬†Maybe I just need to force myself to eat more!

What do I do when?….

One thing I like to do with many of my classes is have a 15 min info session at the end of every workout. Somedays it works well, others, not so much! By ‘not so much’, I mean some days we just can’t do it, and other days we just can’t stick within that 15 min time frame an it goes to 20 or 30 min. Oh well!!
The classes I really try to do it with are the prenatal FITMOM2Be classes and the FITWOMAN classes.

I get many different questions from some of the clients, an I offer to you all reading, to ask me questions as well!
Here are some regular questions:

Q. what do I do when my spouse want to relax at 9pm and snack on bad foods?
A. Go brush your teeth and run from the mainfloor to the basement and back, more than once if you need to! After you brush your teeth you don’t want to eat again or you will have to brush again, so brush, and then do an activity to get your mind off food, also, drink a huge glass of water!

Q. Do I have to do 1 full hour of activity everyday at the same time or can it be broken up to 2-30 min sessions?
A. It can be broken up to 6-10min sessions if you want! Most people just want to get it over and done with, but as long as you feel like you are working to about 80% for most of the time, you are doing great! If we look at a 10 min session, about 2 min for warm up with an intensity level of about 6, 3 min for a cool down a
with an intensity of about 5, there is only 5 min where you have to bust your butt at around a 7 or 8, work a minute at a 9 and your golden!

I’ll do more of these posts as questions come to me! There are hundreds of questions I get, but it will take me some time to get them all out!

I have been questioned…

so I’ve decided to take on a challenge…yes the Visalus challenge. However, I am not doing it as a transformation, or a weightloss. I am doing it to see what it is like. I am only doing it for 5 days. And I am only doing the shakes.

If anyone knows me, they know I really don’t like fake sugar.  I don’t like what it does to me, I don’t like how it tastes, and I don’t like what it does to your body.  BUT…many many people I know are on it and LOVE it.  and since MANY of my clients ask about it, I decided to grab a few samples and give it a try….

Day 1!

8:30am I mixed up the shake with 1/2 a banana and a squirt of nestle quik.  I know, kinda defeats the purpose, but I had to add some chocolate, and I didn’t want to add the chocolate flavor pack that has more sucralose in it.  I mixed it with 1/2 cup of 2% milk and 1/2 cup of water.

The first sip, i could taste the sucralose, but still decided to give it a go.  Within 10 minutes I had a headache.  I stopped at Tim’s to get the kids their bagel and juice and had some of their bagel to get rid of the headache….it worked.  I found I was getting munchy feeling still about 10:15, so I had some of my fresh pineapple salsa I made.  Then I got really really thirsty!  I was craving water the rest of the day.

So after day 1, all was ok.  I had no more side effects and decided to give it another shot!  On to day 2!